Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Purple-icious Pandora

I had to try some disk beads with Pandora, of course! These two came out of my kiln yesterday. I'm loving this stunning purple color!Purple Pandora Disk BeadsThis is the purple glass color I've been searching for... it's like a dark EDP without the E or the D!

I've seen this purple in my other Pandora beads, but somehow it looks more deliciously purple-icious in disk form.

I've tried disks with other 104 striking silver glasses, but usually only get a brown disk. Double Helix glasses like Luna, Terranova, Terra and Khaos stay dark brown unless the color is developed with a lot of heat and/or repeated heating. Thin spiral disk beads don't hold up to that kind of heat. Pandora, however, requires no excessive heat so it is the perfect striking glass for disks.

There are several more annealing in my kiln right now!


SueBeads said...

They are beautiful! I still haven't tried mine yet!

Karolen said...

Well get goin' girl, I wanna see some pics!!! :-D

Deb said...

Oh my! Karolen - they are stunning.

I just can't wait until my Pandora makes it way 'Down Under' so I can play.....but in the meantime it's great to have your trials & information to learn from :o)

Thank you!

Karolen said...

It must be hard to have to wait so long! It's worth it though, I think! I hope you have good luck with it. So far it's the easiest striking glass I've ever used.

Avril said...

*Very* nice results. I'll have to borrow some from Deb's stash :) Or just order my own. And thanks for your tips, I'll be bookmarking this for when I get my stash.

And your bead release is so smooth looking. What type is that? Mine is all chunked up...:(


Karolen said...

Thanks Avril!
I use 'Bucket O' Mud' bead release. I love it. I put it on thin and it's very strong, good for presses too. I got it at Frantz Art Glass. I do have to stir and shake it a lot to get the lumps out, but it's not too bad, the lumps dissolve pretty easily.
Try thinning your bead release with rubbing alcohol in very small amounts (add it drop by drop) to help break up the chunks. I did that when I was using Sludge Plus which was chunkier than the B.O.M.