Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TN-202 and Triton Necklace Set

These beads are made with Double Helix Triton and odd lot glasses TN-200 and TN-202. I love the colors in this set. I think I'll keep it and make it into a necklace for myself... not sure yet. I rarely keep beads for myself! It's one of those sets I carry around with me for a few days and just gaze at it!Starry Night Bead SetThe colors remind me of the ocean, and also the painting "Starry Night."


dragonjools said...

Hi Karolen - what beautiful beads you make!

Thanks for asking about the TP mashers - they ARE a huge amount of fun.

They are being made and distributed by Wale. www.waleapparatus.com

Hope that helps!

Karolen said...

Thanks dragonjools!

Everyone: check out the parallel mashers reviewed on dragonjool's awesome blog!