Thursday, September 4, 2008

Terra Beads

I've been working with so many Double Helix metallic glasses these past few months. Now that fall is approaching, I'm enjoying getting back into some of the non-metallic, more earth tone colors. The Stone Beads in my last post are one example. Not to stray too far from my beloved Double Helix glass though, I've opted for some good old Terra beads. Here are two recent sets (sold on Etsy):Terra encased crystal beadsTerra on Stone GroundThe first set is encased Terra fashioned into chunky, faceted crystal shapes. The second set is Terra swirled over Stone Ground, a beautiful caramel brown color from CiM. I love the color of Stone Ground. It's a very soft glass to work with, kind of like Ivory but not quite that soft. It goes into the kiln a pale brown, and comes out that wonderful warm brown... as though it were bread dough or something! I think it looks good enough to eat anyway.

Gotta run... taking my daughter to her piano lesson!



Judith (Icarus Beads) said...

Ah, I love the chunky facetted Terra set. If you don't mind me asking, what clear are you using for encasing your silver colors? It looks perfect!
I pretty much tried all 104 clears that are on the market, and I'm just not getting happy with any of them. Except for Lauscha of course, but that keeps cracking on my silver beads.
would love to hear your input or suggestion for clear over DH glass.

Karolen said...

Hi Judith, thanks for your comment!
I use Vetrofond Crystal Clear. It's not the best clear... there are bubbles in some of the rods. There may even be some tiny bubbles in these Terra beads, you just can't see them! Yet the Vetro clear is compatable and I've been mostly happy with it.
I hear that DH is coming out with a clear, if they haven't already. I think it's called Aether. Check their website.