Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nyx and Triton Beads

Nyx might be my favorite Double Helix reducing glass because it's so easy-peasy to reduce. Triton used to be easy for me, but something happened... either it's the new batch I got, or the moon has moved out of phase this past year, who knows, but I can't easily get that nice shiny gold from Triton anymore. I've gone from Triton Queen to Triton Jester in a short span of time. Oh well! :-D

I pulled out my Triton the other day to use on this set. I love these beads... they've sold, but they were fun to make so I might have to make them again. The base is Nyx, the sprial wrap is Triton:
Nyx and Triton Double Helix Bead SetNyx and Triton Bead Set

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun With Terra2

I'm obsessed with Terra2! I've made many, many practice beads with it in the past week and managed to get a few colorful things.
Here's a set made with Terra2, Kronos frit, and Aether clear:
Double Helix Terra 2
This is a sterling silver capped and cored bead made with Terra2, Ivory and Aether:Terra2 Pandora Bead, Silver Caps
And here's a second one I made very similar to the first:Terra 2, Ivory, Aether Silver Cored and Capped Bead
When I work this glass too much, the color washes out. That has been my biggest challenge. Otherwise I think the glass is similar to the original Terra, but slightly more translucent maybe, is easier to strike, with better colors.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010