Sunday, September 7, 2008

Luna and Triton Beads

I finally figured out how to get some color from Luna2! By super-heating the glass at first, then cooling (a lot), then gently heating in the back of the flame a few times, I got some beautiful purple and blue colors. Much better than the washed-out brown I usually get.

I made these beads by putting some Triton down on the mandrel, then wrapping a large blob of Luna over that. I love how the Triton makes the beads look like they have metallic end caps. They're in my Etsy shop at the moment:Luna2 and Triton Beads


SueBeads said...

Lucky you - I don't even get it to look ugly brown - just the color the rod is!

Karolen said...

I know exactly what you mean! Are you using Luna 2? It's easier to strike than the original Luna. Get the glass very very hot until it turns clear, then cool it almost until you think it might crack. Then slowly reheat in the back of the flame until the surface of the glass just glows. Take it out of the heat again and watch for color.