Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beads for Custom Orders

I sometimes take custom orders for beads and sets. Usually I'm asked if I could make something similar to beads I've made in the past.

Here are two sets I made for a customer this week which are variations on some of my earlier bead sets. This first set is made with Caramel Apple and Silver Cinnamon glass by ASK104 and Effetre Dark Silver Plum dots. The octagonal shape was made with Zoozi's Crystal press. Some of the beads were reduced for a slight metallic sheen:Brown and Tan Crystal Lampworked BeadsAnd this set is transparent Effetre brown with Psyche scroll designs:Transparent Brown and Psyche

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Triton Rainbow

I've been practicing different ways of reducing Triton. By alternating the reducing flame with a neutral or slightly reducing flame, I can get different colors. The color also depends on how hot the bead gets during reducing and how long it's in the flames at the different stages. I love the colors on this latest set!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Triton with Nyx

This set has a Nyx base with Triton scroll designs. I was making these beads as part of my eclectic sets but thought a group of them would work, too. I think they'd look good together in a bracelet.

Nyx and Triton Beads

More Silver Glass Sets

Here are a few more photos of the eclectic sets I've been making. The primary glass is Triton, but I also use Kronos, Nyx and Psyche.

Silver Glass Set
Triton, Kronos Silver Glass Set
I am obsessed! :-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yes It's My Mess!

Creation is Messy glass had a photo contest recently which I entered. I had to submit one or more photos of some messy creation in progress. Let's just say I have a wealth of material to draw on in this area. It's a wonder my minimalist beads are born from such chaos:


That is just one small section of my lampworking bench. I am thrilled that this mess could possibly win me a contest! Wish me luck... the prize is 10 lbs. of CiM glass!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Silver Glass Sets

I'm continuing my obsession with making these funky silver glass sets, and working with silver glass in general. In fact, the only other glass I've used in the past two weeks besides Double Helix is Vetrofond clear! Okay maybe a tiny bit of Ivory and some River Rock, but basically I just love making sets with silver glass these days. The metallic glasses in particular. Each one has its subtleties. Here's a recent set made with Triton and Nyx:Triton and Nyx SetA set of encased Triton and Kronos Rondelles:Encased Triton and Kronos

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Triton Focals

These two beads are made with Triton and clear, plus a little Kronos frit:

Triton focal beadTriton focal bead

The first bead must have been worked longer in the flame, because the longer I work Triton under clear, the greener it gets. It starts out blue, then after green it goes to yellow-green and then brown.

Triton and Kronos Beads

I've been listing my new sets on Etsy, this one is up right now:

These beads were made with Triton and Kronos. The two green cube beads are encased Triton. I just love this glass, it has so many looks!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Triton Beads

The set in my last post inspired me to keep going with this style. I have a few of these kinds of sets made, but for days I've only been able to gaze at them and can't bear to part with them yet. Tomorrow I will probably list them on Etsy.

This set is Triton and Kronos:

Triton and Kronos Bead Set

Monday, July 7, 2008

Triton... WoW!

I am having fun with this glass! This set is all Triton except for a little Kronos frit and some clear. I love the range of color and the contrasting satiny/shiny texture of Triton... what a stunning glass!

Triton Bead Set

Silky and Shiny Triton!

Triton is a magical glass! When it's reduced, it turns metallic blue, silver, gold and rose. Also, if I wave it in the flame just right, it gets a beautiful satiny finish.

The first set of disks is shiny Triton, the second set is Triton with a mix of shiny and satiny on each bead.

Shiny Triton Disc BeadsSatiny Triton Disc Beads

Nyx and Kronos Disks

Two recent sets. The first is Nyx, the second is Kronos. :)

Nyx Spiral Disc BeadsKronos Spiral Disc Beads