Thursday, September 11, 2008

TN-200 and Triton

Here is another set with a Terranova odd-lot glass, TN-200. I'm getting a better range of color from the TN-200 than I got from the TN-202. These beads have a base of Triton with TN-200 swirled over the top:TN-200 and Triton Bead SetI'm crazy about the color on these, and the way the metallic Triton peeks through the swirls and at the ends. Last night I did an experimental encased TN-200 bead, and WoW, even more incredible color! The next time I torch I'm going to make a set of them.

I got another big batch of Double Helix odd lots in the mail today that I ordered from their new September sale! Right now the bundles are laid out on the kitchen table where they are being lovingly caressed... but tonight, it's into the flames with them! heh heh heh!!!


rosebud101 said...

Beautiful! You have the silver touch.

Karolen said...

Thanks! :-)