Sunday, September 21, 2008

Custom Ordered Sets

I've been working on a few custom orders this past week.
This is a set of beads made with Cattwalk's button press and decorated with stringers of silver glass:Black and Silver Glass Button Beads - BeadAbundant
A set of spacers made with black and silver glasses, with dots of fine silver:Black, Kronos, Silver Spacer Beads
Some round beads made with Psyche over Dark Amber. There is a nice reaction between these two glasses that makes a fine light-colored line where they meet:Psyche and Dark Amber Beads
A set of Nyx beads with Triton scroll designs:Nyx and Triton BeadsHope you all had a great weekend. I'm exhausted, personally! Can any of you beadmaker/parents of small children relate to that?! :-D Looking forward to Monday!