Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finished Pandora Sets!

Woo-hoo, my first two Pandora sets, finished and in my Etsy shop!Pandora and Triton Bead Set - BeadAbundantEncased Pandora Beads - BeadAbundantThe first set is Pandora and Triton, the second set is encased Pandora. The encased beads are the ones I've been working on over the past few days that I wrote about in my previous blog posts.

I'm doing the happy dance!


rosebud101 said...

You should be doing a happy dance! Those are gorgeous beads!

Deb said...

Good grief Karolean - more stunning gorgeousness!!

I know just the place for them to be showcased too - the treasury I am accumulating ;o)

SueBeads said...

Thanks so much for all your Pandora info! I actually referred to your previous post about working with it, because I finally got to try it today. I was wondering why it wasn't striking in the flame, so I remembered you posted about it, and it strikes in the kiln! Hopefully they'll be pretty!

Karolen said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!
Sue, Yay! you've got Pandora in the kiln! I can't wait to see pictures if you want to share.

Deb, thanks!
And thanks Mallory!

SueBeads said...

They turned out really dark, probably because they were in there for a while. I guess I have to use it last before I start the soak and ramp down. I put it over steel gray trans. and amber trans. and it turned out yuck! So, I guess plain or over opaque, and do them last instead of first...we'll see. Looks like you are the MASTER of pandora!!!!