Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More... er... uh... Triton!

Are there really other glass colors? I've been dubbed "Queen Triton" by someone on the Lampwork, Etc. message board. The royal Leo in me does not shun this title. :-D

Here are the latest jewels from the throne, two photos of a set of encased Triton beads decorated with raised scroll designs also in Triton:Encased Triton with Triton ScrollsTriton encased beads with Triton scrollsWhat I love about this set is how the encased Triton turned different colors in each bead. I think it depends on how much heat the bead got and how long I worked it in the flame.

Another set of Triton disk beads, too. I'm getting my disk mojo back:Triton Disk BeadsBack to the torch! Happy day everyone!

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Venomousey said...

These are so beautiful, i love them