Saturday, August 23, 2008

Large Triton Disks

I've been working this past week at getting my "disk mojo" back. As I said before, some days I can make a spiral disk and some days I can't. I've been practicing this technique for over a year, and still, making nice, round spiral disks is extremely challenging.

I was pleased this week to get a little mojo back and also see my skills improve. I made some large metallic Triton disks, one particularly large at 23mm. The other two in front are 20mm and 19mm:Large Triton Spiral Disk BeadsI was able to make the large disks because I figured out how to continuously melt and apply more glass to the disk as I'm making it. Previously, I would melt a blob of glass on the end of a rod and hold it to the side of the flame as I applied it to the mandrel to make a disk. Doing it that way, my disk could only contain as much glass as the molten blob I started with. I couldn't figure out how to heat more glass mid-stream and still keep a decent disk shape. I will try to repeat this next time I'm at the torch, because I had a customer ask me for a 28mm disk last week and I had to turn her down because I didn't have the skill. Maybe I'm finally working up to it now. Making large, perfect disks has been a goal of mine for a long time!

I also have some of my regular-sized disks up in my Etsy shop right now. I have a set of 8 and a set of 10, all sized about 15-18mm:8 Triton Disk Beads10 Triton Disk Beads/BeadAbundantHave a peaceful weekend folks :-)


rosebud101 said...

Those are beautiful discs! You really did get your mojo back!

Karolen said...

Thanks Mallory! :-)