Monday, August 18, 2008

Blue and Gold Eclectic Set

Another mixed metallic glass set... I can't stop making these, I love them! This one is Triton and Kronos:Triton and Kronos Mixed Bead Set



Patty said...

OMG Karolen, I think I bought some Triton at the Gathering and MUST get it out now that I've seen it's possibilities!! These images are fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

Karolen said...

Wow, great you got some Triton! I started doing these mixed bead sets when I first got Triton. I wanted to experiment and see what the glass would do, so I made a kiln full of little test beads in different shapes. I thought they would all end up as bead-bowl rejects, but I was so happy when I took them out of the kiln and realized that they all go well together as a set!
Good luck Patty, I'm sure you'll end up loving Triton!