Saturday, August 30, 2008

Encased and Shiny Triton

These two sets were in my Etsy shop recently. The first is encased Triton with shiny Triton scroll designs on the outside:Encased Triton with Triton Scrolls - BeadAbundantTo make the core of these beads, I started with a small Triton bead and added a few dots of Kronos, then dots of clear, then more dots of Triton. This gave the core an organic, textured look. Then I reduced it and wrapped a large blob of clear around it. When I melted the clear down, it stretched out the Triton designs underneath. It's difficult to see the true beauty of these beads in a photo. In this photo, you can see the layers a little more clearly:Encased Triton BeadsHere is the second set, some Triton rondelles that got a nice pink color:Triton Rondelles

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