Saturday, May 24, 2008

DH Odd: M-166

This test batch is one of my favorites. It's a color I hope Double Helix makes again as part of their regular line. I have been looking for a gold metallic 104 c.o.e. compatible glass for a long time, and this is it! The gold, silver, blue, green and rose colors that can be achieved by a few brief passes through a reducing flame are stunning. Here are a few of my test beads.
M-166 disks:
M-166 Disk BeadsM-166 stringer on transparent purple and green hollow beads:

M-166 stringer on hollow beads
Some lampworkers use Kugler Iris Gold to get this gold metallic look. I have used it too, but with disastrous results. The Kugler c.o.e., which is 90 I think, is so far from the Effetre c.o.e. 104 that most of it cracked off my beads. Maybe I'm not aware of other 104 gold glasses that are out there, but this M-166 will be the one I use from now on.

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Patterns for Beads said...

Oh, how I love hollow beads! It was hollow bead that got me started with beads in the first place; a hollow bead with a tiny bead inside it. I thought it was so incredibly cool and I still do. I loved seeing the little bead inside like a secret treasure. Your hollow beads are beautiful.