Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kiln Disaster Koolness

This is a photo of one of the blobs from the kiln meltdown that has evidence of coolness. You can see that, had my beads survived the swelter, they would have been gorgeously groovy! See the iridescence from the DSP, and the colors from the Luna2? Ok joking... I have a strange sense of humor :)
Kiln Disaster Koolness


Patty said...

OMG! What happened??! I would have totally lost it. You must have had something on the floor of your kiln (e.g. fiber paper), or I can't imagine the disaster you would have had. Wow. Glad you're laughing about it. :-)

Karolen said...

Hi Patty!
I did totally lose it for a minute! but when my kiln broke down last year we did a total re-vamp of all the parts, so now I know the ins and outs of my kiln and the problem wasn't as scary this time (except how hot the kiln got, that was scary!). I lost some nice beads, but they were no big deal, nothing I can't make again.
I did not have kiln wash, fiber paper, NOTHING on the floor of my kiln!!! so when I pried the melted beads off the kiln floor, some pieces of firebrick came up with it! only small pieces though, nothing that should affect the kiln or the annealing. Now I have little dents in the floor of my kiln, but all the better for keeping beads from rolling around I figure! :) Thanks for your comments and I hope it never happens to you!