Wednesday, May 21, 2008

DH Odds: RH-169, RH-193

Here are some photos of beads made with one of the new odd-lots, RH-169.
There is another RH odd-lot called RH-193, which has given me similar results in the flame. I can't seem to pull any color out of these glasses besides brick red and green - but I love the colors and the organic look anyway!
RH-169 Double Helix odd-lot beads
I was hoping for some purple colors similar to the photos from the DH website:
RH-169, photo by Double Helix
RH-193, photo by Double Helix
This glass obviously has potential but I haven't gotten there yet. Any blue/purple color in the RH glasses seems to disappear when the glass is re-heated. When I first wind on the glass, I do get some dark browns like what you see with other striking glasses (Terra, Khaos, etc). I let the bead cool, then re-introduce it to the flame for shaping and striking. Sometimes with a gentle re-heat, I see some blue color in this glass, but on the second re-heat the blue is gone and I'm left with red and green.

In this close-up photo you can see that one of the dots has some slight color:
Double Helix odd-lot RH-169 beadsI was hoping that by encasing the dots quickly and not re-heating much, I could get some colors.

I have more photos of other test beads I'll post soon!
Meanwhile, back to the torch for more PPP!

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