Friday, May 11, 2007

Terra Love/Hate Relationship

Another beautiful day in paradise here in Sedona.

I've been making a lot of beads the past few days, yet still having a challenge with Terra. I've gone through nearly a 1/4 pound and still don't have anything really great to show for it except a few spacer beads that have good color. Sometimes I'll get good color on a Terra bead and put it into the kiln, but the next morning when I take the bead out it has turned brown. Very mysterious.

I'm continuing to read the extensive thread about Terra on the Lampwork, etc. message board. It has been very helpful and I agree with the tips everyone is giving. I think getting the colors out of Terra is an intuitive process to some degree. The point at which to stop striking the color or how much to heat the bead is more of an intuition based on experience from practicing with it.

I'll be doing photography today and I'll post some new pictures up here later.

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