Friday, May 18, 2007

An Abundant Bead Week

The past week I've been making a lot of beads. I'd like to post photos here, but I haven't had a photography day in a while. Lately I've been inspired with new bead ideas, so I'm taking advantage of that and working at the torch every spare moment.

I have a new glass color I've been working with by Creation is Messy (CIM) called Simply Berry. I'm in love with this color... it's a beautiful, rich magenta purple. I've spent all day today making a set with this color combined with two other CIM colors, Ginger and Rose Quartz.

I'm also in the process of starting a team blog with a few other beadmakers. We're going to be posting photos of our works-in-progress for everyone to see. I'll post a link here when we get it rolling, but if anyone's interested they can see Lori Greenberg's Bead Nerd blog. The Bead Challenge is closed right now but stay tuned because at some point it will be open to more members.

It's a beautiful day here, hot with afternoon showers to cool things off.
I'm back to the torch. Cheers!

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