Sunday, May 20, 2007


Here are a few of the new beads I've been working on.
The eclectic set of pink and purple is not my usual style, but I love the way they turned out. I seem to be better at making sets of identical beads these days, so making each bead different was a challenge. I also rarely make beads this feminine. I thought I'd push my envelope a little and make something different. This is the set I was working on using the CIM glasses, including the Simply Berry. I really love this set and the experience of making it, so I'm going to make more!
The second set of blue and purple buttons is etched ASK104 glass.
Enjoy the photos!


Swarovski crystals said...

Your work is stunning!! really inspiring thanks :)

Karolen said...

Thank you!

Sarebear said...

ooooo pretty!