Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CiM Heffalump and Triton

A few days ago, I wanted to make a set of beads using CiM Crocus and Triton glass, like the set in my last post. I sat down at the torch to start making the beads. I grabbed a purple glass rod from my CiM shelf, assuming it was Crocus, and began making the set. The color looked a little strange as I was putting the beads into the kiln, but glass sometimes looks different when it's hot, so I didn't give it much thought. The next morning when I opened the kiln to see my cooled-down beads, I knew these beads couldn't be Crocus! Oh no! What the heck glass color is that?! Ooops! Maybe I used Heffalump!Heffalump and TritonIndeed, I had used Heffalump. Here are the beads next to the Heffalump rods. The beads had turned a very different color from the original Heffalump lavender:Heffalump rodsIt's interesting the way the Triton glass fumed the Heffalump, making the beads a tan/cream/purple color with a pearly surface sheen. I think the beads would look good paired with freshwater pearls:Heffalump and Triton beads with Pearls
Another interesting aspect to this set: some of the CiM colors have the property of changing color when viewed in florescent lighting. Heffalump is one of these colors, as well as Crocus and Larkspur. Under florescent lights, these colors get a green tint. Here are my Heffalump beads under florescents:Heffalump under florescent lighing
I'll be putting this fascinating set up in my Etsy shop today.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. I used Aurae on transparent sapphire the other night and believe it or not, it fumed a couple of the beads...same thing with transparent rose quartz.

squash said...

They are so beautiful!

rosebud101 said...


MyTreasures / said...

I sure wish I could make beads as awesome as yours!!

Karolen said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
Sassyglass, it sounds like you're having luck with Aurae. I love the way the reducing glasses sometimes fume the surfaces of the beads in interesting ways. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to keep experimenting with more colors!