Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pale Emerald Green and Triton

I hope you had a nice St. Patrick's Day! I'm recovering from the *evil dentist* visit, taking life nice and easy for a little bit, pampering myself and all that. I have had a very enjoyable week making beads, and tonight I've got a new set up on Etsy. These are transparent Pale Emerald Green with Triton scroll designs:Pale Emerald Green with Triton ScrollsPale Emerald Green with Triton Scrolls - BeadAbundantI made a set a few days ago that I really love. These are Triton and Kronos frit beads encased with Double Helix Aether. I shaped them with Zoozi's Crystal press:Triton CrystalsTriton and Kronos FritI love the shiny metallic around the bead holes. They were inspired by a similar set of beads that had a donut shape, like this set (pictured below) that I made recently for a customer's special request. The recipe for the beads is the same, the only difference is the shape:Triton with Kronos frit rounds
Happy beading! :-)


sassyglassdesigns said...

Beautiful as usual. I finally got a set of beads that I was able to really make the Aurae shine. Yours are always so perfect.

SueBeads said...

Beautiful! Gonna have to get me some of that, someday!

rosebud101 said...


Karolen said...

Thanks for your comments!
sassyglass, I have trouble getting the shine right with the Aurae test batches. I hope the regular Aurae is easier for me. It seems to be hit or miss with the test batches M166 and M232 that I've been using. Glad you got some good results!

Thanks again for your comments, they always make my day!