Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Like a Lion?

The lamb has already arrived here in Sedona! We're seeing the first much-anticipated signs of Spring. There are two pairs of Robins that hang out at our bird bath, daffodils and fruit trees are blooming in the yard, and the temperature this week has been around 70. Lovin' it!

I just sent my daughter off to New York City on a trip with her 8th grade class. She's part of the Montessori Model United Nations project, where kids act as Ambassadors from different countries and debate international policy with each other at the U.N. in New York. She's an Ambassador from Australia! How cool! New York is supposed to get a ton of snow tomorrow so that should be fun for them. Oh, yeah, snow is actually a fun event when you're from Arizona!

I have a few beads to show. Here's a set of Pandora and Triton beads:Pandora and Triton Beads - BeadAbundantAnd a set of Triton "Leaves of Lothlorien":Triton Leaves of Lothlorien
Life's busy-ness has taken me away from blogging lately, but I'll be back more often this month with more metallic bead porn for you :-)


sassyglassdesigns said...

Beautiful as usual. I just got my batch of Aura...any hints on how to get the gorgeous pinkish shine? Thanks.

Karolen said...

Hi sassyglass! I still don't have any Aurae, I'm working with the older test batches, but I think they're probably the same. Wave the bead not far from the tip of the yellow reducing cone, until it gets a slight glow from the heat, then remove it from the flame so it doesn't over-reduce. Wherever it got a slight glow, it will usually have turned pink. Hope that helps!
Thanks for your comment!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Gorgeous beads!

Patty said...

Pandora and Triton are amazing together! Very nice, Karolen.

Karolen said...

Thanks Rose Works and Patty!