Friday, December 28, 2007

New Double Helix Odd Lots

Double Helix Glassworks recently put up bunch of new odd lots and test batches, new Khaos glass and old Terra glass for sale on their website, and I was lucky enough to get a hold of some before it sold out.

Here are some test beads I've done with a few of the glasses. My aim wasn't to make great beads, just test out the colors.

Here's a bead made with Khaos glass:
Bead made with Khaos by Double Helix

These are made with H123-b. I like the color on the un-encased middle one. The outer two are encased with clear:
Beads made with H123-b by Double Helix

This is my all-time favorite of the test batches I've tried, K-102. I will definitely be making more beads with this glass:
Beads made with K-102 by Double Helix

More photos to come as soon as I can get back to the torch. I can't wait to try my old Terra, I've missed that glass so much!

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