Sunday, December 16, 2007

Messin' with my Psyche

Over the past several weeks my glass bench has become littered with little stubs of used rods and stringers of Psyche glass by Double Helix. I've been obsessed by the endless effects Psyche produces, depending on the color of the base glass it has been applied to.

Noticing last week that my Psyche stash was getting dangerously low, I called to place an order with my glass supplier Frantz Art Glass. I found out that Double Helix has suspended making more Psyche for the time being while they work on producing more of their much-anticipated new batch of Terra glass. In other words, Frantz was out of Psyche with no word of when it might be in stock again. Sheer panic overtook me, and I proceeded to scour the web for anyone who still had some Psyche for sale. I found some at ABR Imagery, and now I have an entire pound of Psyche with which to continue my late-night experiments! (....maniacal laughter....)

In a recent post, I showed you pictures of my "Earth Gems" sets which were made with Psyche on a base of Canyon de Chelly glass by Creation is Messy (CIM). This week I've completed several new sets with other base glasses. These are going up in my Etsy shop:

Psyche on a base of Vetrofond Moss Agate:
Psyche on a base of Moss Agate

Psyche on a base of Dark Topaz:
Psyche on a base of Dark Topaz
More Psyche photos coming soon. Thanks for checking in and have a wonderful day!

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