Friday, September 24, 2010

Two New Scroll Sets

I have two new scroll design bead sets in my Etsy shop. This first set has Triton scrolls melted into an Ivory base. The reaction between these two glasses makes a great organic webbed effect:Ivory and Triton Scroll Bead Set by BeadabundantThe second set is made with a Nyx base and raised Aurae scrolls. I love this glass combo:Nyx and Aurae Bead Set - BeadabundantHere's another Nyx and Aurae set I made a few months ago:Nyx and Aurae Beads by Beadabundant


beadrock said...

Amazing! A real work of art.


MoonRae said...

They are ALL gorgeous! You seem to have the touch with all those "special" glasses.

Karolen said...

Thank you Beth and Sharon!