Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pandora and Terra Sets

I've got two new sets up on Etsy:
Pandora and TritonPandora and Triton Beads - Beadabundant
Terra and Triton Odd(r) (an odd lot from the last Double Helix sale)Terra and Triton Odd(r)I really like the Triton Odd, it seems to have even more rainbow-oil-slick color than the regular Triton!


rosebud101 said...


Patty said...

Wow, Karolen, it looks like they are cored with 14K Gold! Nice job!

Karolen said...

Thanks rosebud and Patty!
I love the way these look gold cored, too! Wouldn't it be stunning to actually core a lampworked bead with 14K gold? I guess someone has done it but I haven't seen it yet. It would be so expensive!