Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My Moo cards arrived. Yay. I love them! The quality is great, the paper is very thick, the printing is excellent. I can't wait to give them out to my friends and customers.

I designed 50 cards, so the pack of 100 has two of each card design. All of the cards have the same info on the back - my business name, web site, etc.

I'm waiting for matching stickers to arrive any day now.
Here's a photo of the cards and their nifty white PVC box:Moo CardsI will definitely be ordering more of these. I think 100 cards is gonna run out fast.

I also think these would make great Christmas gifts, especially the Moo sticker books. Hmmmm... wow, it's really not too early to start shopping for Christmas. Yikes!


SueBeads said...

They are so pretty! I think I need them too!

denise said...

Ooo, love them! I've been a fan of Moo for a long time. They've never failed to disappoint and there's so many uses for them beyond simple business cards. :) Glad you love them, too! :D

Karolen said...

Thanks for your comments, Sue and Denise!
I hear so many people say they are happy with their Moo cards.
I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Dad (Mark) said...

Those moo cards are beautiful. I just ordered my first set with pictures of my house so that my friends, family and real estate agent can help me pass them out as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign I'm putting together.

I put a link to a website about my house that I put together. I'm also using Blogger as a marketing tool.

Anyway, I can't wait to get my Moo cards. Everyone seems to love them.

Karolen said...

Mark, thanks for your comment!
Nice house!!!

Moo cards are perfect for advertising real estate. Like denise said there are so many uses for them.