Sunday, October 19, 2008

Curse of the Glowing Scimitar

Ok, this is totally un-bead-related, but it is the Halloween season so I thought I'd share a little spooky story.

On the ceiling of my daughter's room the other day, this glowing scimitar appeared. Maybe it belongs to a ghost pirate, since there's a little albatross next to it, too:Glowing Scimitar of Doom[Ok, for those of you with skeptical and scientific rational minds, the scimitar was the result of sunlight coming in her window and reflecting off of a metal music stand.] BUT, the story doesn't end here.

I downloaded this picture off my camera, cropped it, named it, and saved it to my hard-drive. Right after that, my computer started going haywire. File names were coming up as a lot of gobbledy-gook letters and numbers that I didn't write. Then, all of my photos from this month of October, except for the photos I took on October 1st, completely vanished off my computer. I quickly backed up my important files and restarted.

My computer restarted fine, but the hard-drive needs repair, and I need the start-up disk to fix it, which I don't have. At least my computer is working fine and normal now, whatever the problem is. But my October photos never came back. Was it the fault of the evil scimitar? You decide! Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!


rosebud101 said...

Oh, my, what a run of bad luck on one day!

Karolen said...

Yeah! Soon it will be time to cash in this "old" 2004 Mac laptop. I'm dreaming about the new $1300 MacBook.... better sell some serious beads I guess!