Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beads for Custom Orders

I sometimes take custom orders for beads and sets. Usually I'm asked if I could make something similar to beads I've made in the past.

Here are two sets I made for a customer this week which are variations on some of my earlier bead sets. This first set is made with Caramel Apple and Silver Cinnamon glass by ASK104 and Effetre Dark Silver Plum dots. The octagonal shape was made with Zoozi's Crystal press. Some of the beads were reduced for a slight metallic sheen:Brown and Tan Crystal Lampworked BeadsAnd this set is transparent Effetre brown with Psyche scroll designs:Transparent Brown and Psyche


Patty said...

Karolen, these are gorgeous! Great fall colors, and really nicely done.

Karolen said...

Thanks Patty! Yes, it seems like people are thinking fall colors already. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather for torching!