Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yes It's My Mess!

Creation is Messy glass had a photo contest recently which I entered. I had to submit one or more photos of some messy creation in progress. Let's just say I have a wealth of material to draw on in this area. It's a wonder my minimalist beads are born from such chaos:


That is just one small section of my lampworking bench. I am thrilled that this mess could possibly win me a contest! Wish me luck... the prize is 10 lbs. of CiM glass!


Patty said...

Darn, too bad I didn't know about this contest - my bench is WAY messier than this! ;-)

Karolen said...

Creative minds are seldom tidy ;-)

I don't think I won the contest, anyway! oh well! It was fun trying! :-D