Friday, November 5, 2010

New Kiln!

I am so excited! My new Glass Hive "Regular Guy" kiln arrived! Let me share the excitement of opening the box with you...Glass Hive Regular Guy KilnAnd here she is, all shiny and stainless steel and gorgeous:Glass Hive Bead AnnealerThe photo was taken before I screwed on the door handles and the mandrel shelf that comes off the front. Now it's all put together and in my studio and I just love staring at it! I did manage to shake myself out of my love-sick trance last night long enough to fire it up and give it a test run. My beads came out great, with no kiln marks or anything.

It's a very roomy kiln at 20 inches wide. Much bigger than my old kiln. I'm going to be able to fit lots of beads in here. With my old kiln I could only work about 4 hours before it was filled. I think I could get 6-8 hours out of this kiln. Another great feature of this annealer is the handles on the top. It's very heavy and those handles are great for transporting.


icarusbeads said...

Yay! Congrats. Love my GlassHive kiln. And heats up so fast, I have hardly time to shower in the morning LOL>

rosebud101 said...

wow! That looks like a wonderful kiln!

Copper Diem said...

so exciting! can't wait to see what you make!