Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Javalina Home Invasion

Last night around 2 am I heard a snorting and a scuffling on my back porch. Javalinas again. Javalinas are like wild pigs, though they're more closely related to rats. They stink pretty bad and they travel through the neighborhood in packs, devouring anything that might by any stretch of the imagination be considered potentially edible. I once saw some javalinas eating an aluminum pie plate.

Tonight, they were after my bird seed and potted plants. I keep the bird seed in a metal pail with a locking lid next to the back door. The lock was child's play to these beasts. At 2 am birdseed was scattered all across my back porch and 10 javalina adults and 3 babies were rooting through it. Two potted plants were eaten down to nubs or less. All that remained of them were tipped-over pots and dirt everywhere.

I tried scaring the javalinas away to get things cleaned up, but it's hard to scare a javalina. All they did was back up a few feet and stare at me with beady eyes. They can be especially aggressive when they have babies with them so I was a little cautious. It took about 1/2 hour to scare them off after that. They'd just hide in the bushes and come back when they thought I was gone. Finally I gave it up and hit the hay.

This morning I woke up and made my sleepy way to the kitchen. Through slitted eyes I could see the bag of cat food had been ripped open. Cat food was strewn across the floor. Hmmm. Now who could have done this? I only have one explanation, and it's not my little sweetums kitty-cat Tony! It was the cute baby javalinas! They're the only ones in the pack that could have fit through the new cat door I just installed! Wow! So javalinas came into my house while I was sleeping?!?! Great!!!!!

I really really do think November is going to be a great month, despite this and the fact that every candidate and ballot measure I voted on yesterday lost. This is McCain country after all. Gotta love Arizona! Javalinas, scorpions, tarantulas, Republicans, it keeps life exciting!!!

Disclaimer: No javalinas or Republicans were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

Peace my friends, hope you had a happy hump day!


kelleysbeads said...

I'm snickering over your disclaimer. I'm sorry baby javalinas invaded your homestead through the new cat door. Sigh.

rosebud101 said...

I love your disclaimer, too! What a hoot!

Mellisa said...

hee hee! I've never run into a live javelina yet-just the cute little javelina statues around town! My husband did when out walking the pupper though...luckily the javelina was oblivious and pupper was too focused on bunny stalking so he was able to head in the other direction asap! Can't believe you almost had a new pet!

Karolen said...

Ha ha, thanks! The last time I wrote in my blog about javalinas, a person who is an animal rights advocate didn't like my attitude towards them. She was right, my blog post was offensive and I deleted it. But I want to make it clear to everyone that I love animals very very much, all animals, all of God's creatures, and that includes Republicans and all people!!! :-D

angelinabeadalina said...

Heehee, now your cat has a perfect explanation for anything it might have done-- "It wasn't me, Mom. It was those darn baby javalinas!"

Christina said...

Hi Karolen!
I've bought beads from you several times (FacetNation on Etsy) and had to laugh out loud at your javelina post. My in-laws recently bought a house outside Phoenix, and while staying with them last summer, I had my first javelina experience. Your description nailed them exactly! I'm so sorry they managed to get IN YOUR HOUSE!

Anyway--enjoyed reading. Thanks!