Monday, October 11, 2010

Silver Glass Orphan Sets

I've been going through my collection of metallic and silver glass beads and putting groups of them together. It's really amazing how many orphan beads I have, and some nice ones too. Since I make sets, there are always extras. If I want a set of 7 beads, I'll make 9 or 10 and pick the 7 that match the best. So here are groups of these extras that I've basically put together by color. Some of the sets are still available in my Etsy shop:
Blue metallics:Blue Metallic Lampwork BeadsGreen metallics:Green Metallic Lampwork Beads by beadabundantGreen Metallic Bead Set SRA by beadabundantPinks, purples and gold:Purple and Gold Lampwork by beadabundant SRAPink Purple and Gold Lampwork BeadsI have a pile of beads spread out in front of me now and I'm putting more sets together, so keep checking back at my Etsy shop.

I'm getting a new Glass Hive kiln!!! YAY!!! While my kiln is being made,they are loaning me a kiln to use! That should be here in a couple of days. I'm so excited.

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