Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kiln Done Broke

Baaahhh waaaahhh boooo hooo!!!Warmed up the kiln the other night, sat down and lit the torch, then noticed the temperature in the kiln was dropping fast!

I shut off the torch, checked the controller, the relay, everything seemed to be working fine, but the elements would not heat up.

When the kiln cooled down, I opened the side to look at the wires. One wire was burnt all the way through!broken kiln wireThe white circle in the photo is a ceramic insulator where the wire connects through to an element. Now I know the source of the burning electrical smell I've been smelling in the studio the past few weeks! Omg!!!

I'm going to blame this on my ex-boyfriend! I'll admit he had the best of intentions last year when he changed an aging wire in the kiln, but he must have replaced it with a standard hardware store wire and connectors, not the special high-temperature wire and stainless steel connectors that a kiln requires. I'm surprised it lasted this long.

Monday morning I'm going to talk to a kiln part place in Connecticut that I found online. I'm hoping they can sell me the parts I need, and I can re-connect the whosie-whatchit to the whatcha-ma-callit. Electronics is not my forte.

One thing my ex told me last year when he opened the kiln, showed me these wires and *so kindly* changed an old one, is that this electrical system is very simple, basic and easy to understand. He was right. There's nothing fancy or complex about this system. I know I can fix it.

Until then, I guess I'll be bringing you more posts about my cat.


kelleysbeads said...

boo hiss. good luck fixing this. and quickly. not that I don't want to see pics of your cat. because I love cats. but, well. you know. I also love your beads :D

one-eared pig said...

Wow, I'm glad nothng more serious happened.

Emily said...

I'm sorry to hear about your kiln. That really sucks. I have to say though, cat posts are easier on my wallet. lolol :)

belvedere beads said...

Sorry to hear about the kiln, but everyone loves pet posts. I never met a lampworker who was not soft in the head about their pets. Must be somehow connected to the love of fire?

Karolen said...

Thanks for the comments, you've brightened up my day!
Yes, I love cats!!!! In astrology I'm a Leo, the lion, and Leo is ruled by the Sun and fire, maybe that's part of it! I've always loved cats and fire... I'm a little afraid of fire too, which makes lampworking exciting :-D

It's good the kiln failed right before I made my first bead, so I didn't lose any work!