Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who Loves Green Glass?

Sure, I've heard the rumors.
"No one likes green."
"Green beads never sell."
I happen to love green, it's my favorite color next to purple, and green beads sell quite well for me! I'm flaunting this fantastic color, with as many shades as there are green growing things and with depth and hues as varied as the many waters of Earth, in my first ever Etsy Treasury. Click on the photo to visit!Green Lampwork Etsy Treasury
I created this Treasury quite by accident. I was surfing Etsy and clicked on the Treasury list. I just so happened to click when the lists were below 333, and I was able to create my own Treasury! I wasn't prepared to do this today, but not wanting to miss the opportunity I put together a grouping of delectable green lampwork beads. All of the listings are created by the bead artists themselves.
Enjoy, and please visit the shops of these talented artists, where you'll find many more incredible beads!


Copper Diem said...

Whaaa? I love green!

MoonRae said...

I adore green, and may I say you picked the cream of the crops hehehe

Tamis Place said...

Love the Heart Bead