Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nyx and Triton Beads

Nyx might be my favorite Double Helix reducing glass because it's so easy-peasy to reduce. Triton used to be easy for me, but something happened... either it's the new batch I got, or the moon has moved out of phase this past year, who knows, but I can't easily get that nice shiny gold from Triton anymore. I've gone from Triton Queen to Triton Jester in a short span of time. Oh well! :-D

I pulled out my Triton the other day to use on this set. I love these beads... they've sold, but they were fun to make so I might have to make them again. The base is Nyx, the sprial wrap is Triton:
Nyx and Triton Double Helix Bead SetNyx and Triton Bead Set

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