Monday, November 16, 2009

Colorful Metallic Beads

I listed these beads on Etsy tonight, and they've sold now, but I have to show them to you!
Colorful Metallic Textured Beads
One of my customers, Jill, asked me recently to make some beads with Elektra glass for her. I hadn't used Elektra in about two years. I had 3 rods collecting dust on my glass shelf because I could never get anything I really liked out of it. I tried making some simple Elektra spacers for Jill in a seafoam green color, but just couldn't do it! It wasn't working for me at all in the way that it does for some glass artists. I had to tell her that unfortunately I couldn't complete her order.
Here are the greenest spacers I could make with my Elektra, but they're really kind of blue, not the seafoam color I wanted:
Elektra Spacers
In one of our last emails Jill suggested that Elektra and Aurae might look nice together, so I gave it a try. The textured colorful beads at the top are the result. I'm so amazed by them - the color is incredible I think! They are made with an Elektra base and surface texture of Aurae.
I'm headed right back to the torch to make more!

It was actually Jill who bought these beads from my shop tonight, I didn't even email her to tell her I was listing them or anything. And she had no idea that they were made using her suggestion. Thank you Jill!
One more pic of the beads:
Rainbow Metallic Beads
Click on the photos to see a larger view.


SueBeads said...

They really are fantastic!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

SLURP! (yes, I DID lick the screen TMI? hee hee!) Bravo bravo! Lovely beads and so well done!