Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I'm Working On

I've been working on a new website and an online shopping cart. I build my own website using Dreamweaver, and I've signed up for an online shopping cart with BigCartel. The shopping cart will be part of my website. Here's a screenshot of my new website in progress:And here is a screenshot of my new shopping cart. I'm customizing the colors to match my homepage: I have been wanting to re-do my website, make it easier to update, and I've been searching a long time for a website shopping cart that will actually work for me.

I am really glad I found BigCartel. I recommend it for anyone who wants to set up another online shop besides Etsy or Artfire, etc. BigCartel is just a stand-alone store that you'd have to link to from your own website, blog, etc. They are not a venue in and of themselves like Etsy and Artfire are. For a flat monthly fee - or free - you can set up an online store with all the bells and whistles. Check them out.

I'll certainly post here on this blog when the new website is up and running.
Have fun!


Sue Doran said...

Wow, I look forward to seeing the finished website, it's looking really tremendous so far! Can visitors pay using PayPal with this cart? Good luck with finishing it off.

atypicallyme said...

Just wanted to say that the website is looking great! Oh, and I love your beads!

Karolen said...

thanks Sue and atypical! yes, the shopping cart will take paypal.