Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Many Beads in a "Set"?

Terranova2 and Triton
I've made a poll on the right-hand side of my blog. I'm asking you the reader how many small-sized beads you like to see in a "set." I'm not talking about simple spacer beads, more like the small beads I make that are decorated with swirls or scrolls, etc., like in the photo above.

I've gotten two responses so far, and I'm amazed at the feedback. Both responses call for even numbers of beads in a set. I generally make an odd number of beads in my sets, like 7 or 9.

This question has been asked before on the Lampwork, Etc. forum, but I couldn't find the old thread (if anyone knows, I'd love the link). I'm asking you now here on my blog, because I'm curious about what jewelry makers are looking for. I don't make as much jewelry as I used to, so I'm really out of the loop when it comes to what jewelry designers like to buy. Thank you to the people that left feedback on the poll, I really appreciate it. If you haven't voted yet, please do! Or leave a comment on this post.


Abbellisca said...

Just thought I would drop a quick note about my preferences when it comes to bead sets. I like an even no. 2 for earrings, 5 for bracelet and 7 for a necklace so in all I would like to see 12 beads in a set. Now i always make peices up in matching sets, but dont expect them to sell as a set but usually there is earrings or a bracelet left to go with a necklace, for those that do like to match. Hope this helps a little :)

angelinabeadalina said...

Your beads are always scrumptious, no matter what number of them I see in the picture!

I'm not voting,though, since I don't make jewelry to sell. I just had to say that I agree about wanting an odd number when I do make a necklace or bracelet. I don't like the way things look when an even number is used, unless it involves an even number of those smaller beads framing one focal.

Lorraine said...

Okay, I clicked 5, but I should have clicked 7. 5 beads for a solid presence in a necklace, with 2 for matching earrings. The problem with very large sets, or necklaces with many, many lampworked beads, is that they just get too heavy. For me, even numbers are evil, design-wise, unless I have a focal to hang in the middle.

Karolen said...

Abbellisca, thanks for your comment. I agree, it's nice to have an odd number for a bracelet and/or necklace, plus 2 for matching earrings. Sometimes I make a set of 9 with that in mind (7 for bracelet/necklace, 2 for earrings). Your suggestion of 12 (or 14?) is a good one.

Angie and Lorraine, thanks for your comments. It seems most everyone agrees that an even number of lampwork beads does not work unless you have a focal for the center. "Evil, design-wise" is a good way to put it, Lorraine :-D

And yes, you can't have too many lampwork beads or it gets too heavy.

Your comments are very helpful and have given me a lot to think about, thank you so much!
Angie, thanks for the nice comment about my beads :)

Karolen said...

Thanks also to the other people who have voted on the poll!