Monday, January 12, 2009


I just put these Nyx accent beads into my Etsy shop. I love the color range on this set. Nyx can be unpredictable in the flame, and it also strikes from dark blue to turquoise the longer it soaks in the kiln. I love this glass!Nyx Spacers


rosebud101 said...

As always, jaw dropping stunning!

belvedere beads said...

elegantly spectacular.

ontherocks said...

Greetings from Portugal!! :D
I've just seen yr log and yr jewellery is beautiful!! Congrats...
I'll follow yr blog... Hope you can see mine... Bye

Karolen said...

thanks rosebud! you always make my day with your kind comments!

and thanks belvedere beads, it's nice to hear from you again!

Greetings ontherocks! Portugal, cool! Yes, I can see your blog. Beautiful jewelry! I don't know Portugese, but I can understand a bit since I know Spanish.
Thanks for checking out my blog!