Monday, June 30, 2008

More Metallic Disks

Along with the Kronos disks in my last post, I listed two other metallic spiral disk sets on Etsy today. The first set is made from the lovely Double Helix odd-lot M-166, a.k.a. pinky purple luster, or what I call "Midas," which I'm sure is what the 'M' stands for in 'M-166' - whatever the name it's definitely one of my favorite glasses! The second set pictured is made from the ever-fantabulous Psyche. What will my boyfriend think when he finds out I want to marry Double Helix glass? He probably already suspects something... :-D

Midas Gold Disk BeadsPsyche Spiral Disks

Kronos Spiral Disks

Kronos... always one of my favorite Double Helix glasses. Ever since the newer glasses like Psyche, Nyx, and Triton have come out, my Kronos has been gathering some dust. I could hardly believe it when I realized yesterday that I've never made a set of spiral disks with Kronos. I had to try. And wow - I am amazed by the color! Why didn't I do this before? Here they are (Kronos2 Disks):

Kronos Disk Beads

In the past I have made spiral disk beads with the Kronos odd-lots K-102 and K-108. Those two glasses are heavenly. I never expected that I could get great color from regular Kronos2.

This set is in my Etsy shop right now. I think I'll be making more of these!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Colorful Psyche Disks

I've just posted these Psyche disks in my Etsy shop. I love the color I got on this set!Psyche DisksPsyche Disks
I reduced the Psyche in a different way than I usually do. Normally I hold the beads several inches away from the long yellow cones of the reducing flame, spinning them very slowly in and out of the heat. For these, I flashed them rapidly right at the tips of the yellow cones. I think the micro-blasts of reduction they got made the variations of color on the glass.

I first used this technique with M-166, the DH odd-lot that makes a very shiny rose-gold color. I noticed that flashing it close to the flame made the rose, purple, green and blue really come out on the M-166. After trying this technique with Psyche I'm very happy with the results.

The technique doesn't work with all the Double Helix reducing glasses. Some like to be reduced at a farther distance from the flame. I guess it all depends on the look you are going for with your beads. That's the funnest part about beadmaking - playtime and experimenting!

DH Odd: TN-200

These beads are made from Double Helix odd-lot TN-200 which was a test batch for their re-formulated Terranova glass.
I've encased these beads in clear. I love the blues and purples! It's very easy to strike, too.

Double Helix test batch TN-200 Beads(These beads are sold)

Things You Missed....

Beads have been flying off the shelves of my Etsy shop so fast these days, I haven't had time to post pictures of them or ramble on about them in my blog!

Here are some sets you may have missed in my Etsy shop if you blinked. I hadn't even closed the pictures in Photoshop before they were in the mail to customers. I'm so thankful for the sales I've had this month!

Textured Silver Plum spacer beads:Silver Plum Spacer Beads
Psyche swirled over Canyon de Chelly:Psyche and Canyon de Chelly
Luna2 over ASK Silver Cinnamon:Luna2 over Silver Cinnamon
Back to the torch - doin' what I love to do!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Terra Beads and a Focal

These beads are up in my Etsy shop right now. The first is a set of Terra beads encased with bumpy clear. The second is a focal bead made on dark Ivory with M-166 Double Helix odd-lot scroll designs. The M-166 fumed the Ivory to a warm golden color, I love it! There's a little bit of Triton mixed in with the Ivory, too.

Terra Beads
M-166 and Ivory Focal Bead

Metallic Spiral Disks

Here are a few sets of spiral disk beads made with Double Helix glass. Check my Etsy shop, some sets may still be available.

Triton Spiral Disks
M-166 odd-lot, "Midas" disks:
M-166 Midas Spiral Disk Beads
T-104 Terra odd-lot disks. I love the metallic sheen on these:
T-104 Disk Beads
:-) Happy day everyone!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Here is something really far outside of my normal style: a whimsical, cute, sculpted, colorful cupcake bead! And made into jewelry too, which is something else I rarely do. My daughter needed a birthday gift for a friend who loves cupcakes, and here's the resulting bead and finished necklace:

Cupcake beadCupcake necklace

Friday, June 6, 2008

Focal Beads

I've been busy making beads the past few days, but I've managed to eek out a few photos as well.

These are focal beads, about 1 1/4" long. The first two are done on a base of Canyon de Chelly glass with gold leaf. They have Psyche spirals and Triton dots:

This bead has an Ivory and gold leaf base with Triton spirals and Psyche lines and dots:

Ivory, Gold, Triton and Psyche
Back to the torch for more PPP!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Eye Candy

Just have to post a couple more pictures today. Can't resist. I finally got around to taking some pictures and posting sets on Etsy this weekend, so how about a little more eye candy just for fun? C'mon, you know you want it! It won't cause cavities! :)

An all-time favorite set, Double Helix Psyche on Effetre Dark Topaz. I love the light-colored contrasting lines where the two glasses meet:

Psyche on Dark Amber Beads
Some earth tone spiral disks:
Earth Tone Spiral Disk Beads
Both of these sets are up on Etsy today.

Terra and Dark Ivory

These beads have a similar webbing effect to the Triton and Dark Ivory beads in my last post. The glass I've used for the scroll designs in this set is original Terra. I think it's the high silver content of these glasses that causes the Ivory to react that way.

This set is etched, but the Terra designs stayed shiny since Terra is not easily affected by etching solution. It makes an interesting contrast in refelection and texture on the beads. This set is in my Etsy shop today.

Terra on Dark Ivory Beads
Happy June everyone!