Monday, June 30, 2008

More Metallic Disks

Along with the Kronos disks in my last post, I listed two other metallic spiral disk sets on Etsy today. The first set is made from the lovely Double Helix odd-lot M-166, a.k.a. pinky purple luster, or what I call "Midas," which I'm sure is what the 'M' stands for in 'M-166' - whatever the name it's definitely one of my favorite glasses! The second set pictured is made from the ever-fantabulous Psyche. What will my boyfriend think when he finds out I want to marry Double Helix glass? He probably already suspects something... :-D

Midas Gold Disk BeadsPsyche Spiral Disks


belvedere beads said...

i just happened upon your blog from the beadmakers blog ring. your beads are such beautiful treasure, thanks for all the molten eye candy.

Karolen said...

"molten eye candy"... I love it! Nice to know someone surfed in from the blog ring. Thanks for the comment!