Friday, March 28, 2008

New Sets Listed on Etsy

I am emerging from the cave of my studio to present some new listings I have up on Etsy. Each one of these sets uses a different glass by CiM (Creation is Messy).

"Earth Gems III" ...these are made with Canyon de Chelly and Psyche stringers. They have large 3.5mm holes. My "Earth Gem" beads have been very popular and I love making them... thus, "Earth Gems III" !
Earth Gems III

"Green Metallic Spirals" ...a base of Hades with Psyche stringer design. Hades reacts in interesting ways with Psyche and other silver/metallic foils and glass:
Hades and Psyche

"Misty Blue Rondelles" ...made with Halong Bay. This glass develops a misty translucency similar to moonstone, depending on how it is worked in the flame. To get the cloudy effects, repeatedly heat and cool the bead, making sure the bead gets VERY cool between heatings. I'm really loving the CiM glass these days!
Misty Blue Rondelles
I have also been working on large-hole beads for Pandora and Biagi bracelets. I have to photograph them today, and they'll be up on Etsy. I'll post photos of them here, too.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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