Monday, March 17, 2008

Busy at the Torch

These past few weeks I've enjoyed a lot of time at the bead torch working on a special order. These are some of the sets I've made:

"Tucson" (etched)
Tucson etched bead set
"French Garden" (etched)
French Garden etched bead set
A set of purple, green and opal yellow disks:
Large Disk Beads
And a set of Terra disk beads:
Terra Disk Beads


SueBeads said...

I just love these disk beads! All of them, but especially the top two etched ones. Do you use a disk shaper? I tried to get one from the one web store guy, but he closed his shop and they were all sold out!

Karolen said...

Thanks, Sue! I didn't use a disk shaper for these. I just made a narrow spacer bead, making sure the initial footprint of glass I laid down on the mandrel was not too wide. As I worked on the beads I kept marvering the sides flat so the heat didn't collapse them and make them go round. I hope that makes sense!

I've always wanted to try the disk shaper, but I think it makes a slightly different shape than these. If you want a disk shaper, you could always search the Lampwork Etc. forums or post a message there that you're looking for one. I bet someone has one for sale. Did you try Zoozi's?
Good luck!

SueBeads said...

Thanks for your advice - very nice of you!