Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kuler Kolor!

Do you love color or have a flair for art and interior design? I love to play with color - color combinations are the primary inspiration for my beads. I'm so happy to have discovered this website: On this site I can create my own color combinations and see what other people are coming up with. I can also download these swatches to my Adobe Photoshop program and use them as themes for websites or any designs that need a good color scheme.

Here are a couple of themes I've made, just goofing around:

"Mulberry" ... reminds me of being 10 years old, picking mulberries off the tree in summer:Kuler Mulberry Color Theme
"Azalea" ... homage to the beautiful azalea bush:
Kuler Azalea Color Theme
This is a set of beads I made a couple of months ago called "French Garden." After I made them, I went into Kuler and created a theme around them:

the beads:
French Garden Lampworked Beads
the Kuler theme "French Garden":
French Garden Kuler Color Theme
Visit the site and create some themes if you are so inspired.
Go there:
Have fun!

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