Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Windy Day

It's a very windy, sun-shiny day here in Sedona. I made some beautiful beads yesterday with Kronos and some other reducing glasses from Double Helix. Today I've been cleaning the beads and preparing to make more to finish them out as small sets.

I've just opened a store at Etsy.com. I have a few beads up there now, and will be adding more every couple of days. Mostly I'll be selling smaller sets and focal beads in my Etsy shop. Here's the link:

Today I've posted my first page on my website. It's just a welcome/under construction page, but I'm celebrating because at least it's SOMETHING! It's been a challenge learning Dreamweaver and Fireworks, so until I figure out more about the programs I'm just going to start building a basic site.

Here's the link for my website:

Until tomorrow......

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