Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stained Glass

I love the way light shines through glass.

There is a stained glass star that hangs in the window of my studio. Being the creative day-dreamer type, I spend a lot of time gazing out the window through that star. I've often wished I could make something like that, yet for various silly reasons, I've put off learning stained glass. (Just for laughs, some of those reasons are: Hot glass is just cooler; Cold glass is sharp; Stained glass is in the Country Crafts category; I have a phobia of soldering!).

Well, no more. I just can't stand not making colorful things that hang in the window for light to shine through.

I scraped together my pennies and bought the remaining supplies I'd need to start making small stained glass projects. Luckily, I already had a Glastar grinder and a lot of beautiful colored glass from my previous foray into stained glass. This is a wind chime I made for my mom in 2013. It's my attempt to find ways to use stained glass without having to learn how to solder!

Finally my soldering supplies have arrived, I've watched hundreds of YouTube videos, and okay here we go, my first soldered stained glass thing... a pair of earrings I guess:

My second stained glass thing, a blue pendant. Really wonky, flux all over the place, hah!

Gaining courage, trying something a little more challenging:


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