Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Heart Macro

I'm going to give "I Heart Macro" a try this week with a few photos from the back yard:

'a spider's lair' by karolen deupree
a spider's lair

'blue sage' by karolen deupree
blue sage

'angelwing begonia' by karolen deupree
angelwing begonia

'grandmother's cactus' by karolen deupree
grandmother's cactus

'nopalitos' by karolen deupree
'rescued' by karolen deupree

studio waterstone


Jenni said...

You have a great selection of cacti there... And I love the little grasshopper, too. Nice shots.

Karolen said...

Thanks Jenni!

Janet Bocciardi said...

First try?! Wow! Love the bug one... and the cactus are very cool up close.

Karolen said...

Thanks Janet! I have taken macro photos before... but it's my first try at "I Heart Macro".

If anyone wants to join in, click the picture with the pink flower at the bottom of my post that says 'i heart macro' and you'll find the instructions! :)

glaudius said...

Nice beads! I did not know about this way of putting colors on beads. Since you don't apply high temperature after paintings, why do you need mica powder paints ?
My grand'ma used to roll stones to make beads. Don't ask me how she made the hole I still wonder.