Monday, January 31, 2011

New Videos and Beads

Howdy bead lovers, I'm back to the blog after a long time away for the holidays. I feel like I've been busy with domestic duties and house-guests since November. I think just this week I finally exhaled!

I have a lot of things saved up to write about. One of my newest enterprises is making bead videos and posting them to YouTube. I have one bead video posted so far and a few others that are shot but not edited. For practice editing and posting videos, I started with this one of a javalina in my back yard:

This week at the torch, I made these silver cored beads using Triton, Aurae and Ivory and encased them with Aether clear. They were all made with the same glass recipe yet turned out so differently:Triton and Ivory silver cored beadDouble Helix glass sterling silver cored beadTriton, Aurae and Ivory silver cored bead
And this one with a base of Ivory and scroll designs in Gaia:Gaia scrolled silver cored bead
On to February, let's make it a great month!


DalaHorse said...

Outstanding beads!

Knetsli said...


kelleysbeads said...

I <3 Gaia! Thanks for sharing the video of the javelina. I have never seen one in person and think they must be one of the strangest creatures ever. We only get box turtles in our back yard that fall over the retaining wall and then get harassed by our cats :)

Karolen said...

Thanks for your comments!
Lol about the box turtles, Kelley!
Javalinas are very strange looking, and whenever I have out of town guests they are fascinated by them. They look like wild pigs, but they're not I guess. They are very strong and can be aggressive, and they tear up my yard and try and tip over the garbage can. I can't have a vegetable garden unless I were to build a fortress around it to keep them out. I love them tho :) the babies are super cute.

Anonymous said...

do you make all of your beads? They are beautiful! We make bead necklaces and they are on they are not for sale, though