Saturday, March 20, 2010

Double Helix TE-362

Frantz Art Glass recently had an odd-lot of Double Helix for sale called TE-362. I bought a little and it has become my favorite striking glass.

It was advertised as an opaque Ekho, which is similar to how I'd describe original Terra glass. The difference between this glass and Terra is that it strikes faster, easier and better, and it gets a metallic shine when cooled and re-introduced to a neutral flame.

Here are some sets I've made recently with TE-362:
With Kronos frit, encased with AetherTE-362 and Kronos fritSpacers with metallic shineTE-362 spacersWith some Terra, encased with AetherTE-362I've heard a rumor that DH will be making this into a regular color!

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